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Statement of the FEI TUKE in Košice on Coronavirus COVID -19 Infection


FEI TUKE is aware of the severity of the COVID - 19 coronavirus infection. FEI management also supports student and employee mobility, but considers their health to be paramount in the implementation of that mobility, therefore it discussed the current situation and implementation of the COVID - 19 coronavirus spread at the extended meeting of the FEI TUKE Dean’ Board s on 9 March 2020.

Based on an analysis of the current development of the situation, the FEI TUKE management issues the following recommendations for our students and employees.

Rector's Ordinance No. 6/2020 for adopting measures in relation to the occurrence and spread of COVID-19 coronavirus at TUKE in Košice and its parts,

Based on the recommendations of the Crisis Group for monitoring, assessing the situation and taking measures in relation to the occurrence and spread of COVID-19 coronavirus in order to prevent the emergence and spread of communicable diseases at TUKE, I hereby

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between the periods of 9/03/2020 and 27/03/2020 to:

  1. Cancel contact teaching from 9/03/2020 until 27/03/2020 at all three levels of study. During this period the pedagogical process will be carried out by distance- or self-study or by other suitable method. Details shall be specified by the deans of the faculties, the directors of the university workplaces and the persons authorized by them.
  2. I recommend for the international students at FEI TUKE not to travel to high-risk foreign areas from 9 March 2020 to 27 March 2020. In case of disregarding this recommendation, I order a mandatory quarantine upon return for 14 calendar days and to follow the instructions of the Chief Hygienist of the Slovak Republic, and at the same time in accordance with the internal regulations of TUKE a student's absence from teaching during such a quarantine is considered a serious violation of the student's duties, and the student has no right to justify his/her absence from the courses.
  3. I recommend vacating the accommodation facilities of FEI TUKE by the accommodated students, except for accommodated guests and foreign students, including mobility participants.
  4. The interruption of the study is approved by the rector or the dean upon the student’s request. Subsequently, we are obliged to report this interruption to the Alien Police as required by law No 404/2011 Z.z.
  5. If you decide to travel to your country, you are required to follow these instructions. Please find attached the application for the interruption of your study which should be sent to
  6. In the case of returning from the abroad, TUKE imposes a 14-day home quarantine.

FEI TUKE students and employees who have been staying in Slovakia for a long time and do not plan a business trip


  • Information on measures necessary to prevent the risk of coronavirus infection and other respiratory diseases is available on the website of the Public Health Authority of the SR, which is continuously updated
  • Data on the current epidemiological situation in Europe may be accessed at the website of the European Centre for Disease Control. At the same time, a useful management manual for persons with confirmed or potential contact with coronavirus COVID 19
  • Data on the current epidemiological situation in the world may be accessed at the World Health Organization
  • At the same time, FEI TUKE recommends vaccination against pneumococci to all employees over 59 years of age and to all employees and students with immune disorders. Secondary pneumococcal infection may be one of the causes of pneumonia in the case of coronavirus infection, which can lead to severe deterioration or death. Vaccination for these risk groups is fully covered by health insurance and is carried out by general practitioners.
  • The guidelines will be regularly updated based on the epidemiological situation.


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The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic advises all citizens who plan to travel to foreign countries privately or for business purposes to consider their travels to the countries where the coronavirus is present. The list of the affected countries where the coronavirus disease has been confirmed can be found at the web portal of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic


Please, all information in English about novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV you can find on the websites:





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