Faculty of Electrical Engineering
and Informatics

Department of Electric Power Engineering

The Department of Electric Power Engineering is one of the profiling departments of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics. It was founded on the 1st October 1973 as the independent science and research unit of the faculty. The most important structural changes of the department are integration of the original department with the Department of Electrical Heating and Electrochemistry on the 1st September 1981 and incorporation of the Department of High Voltage Engineering into the Department of Electric Power Engineering on the 1st October 2003.

According to the last accreditation, the Department of Electric Power Engineering guarantees study programmes Electric Power Engineering in bachelor, master and doctoral degree courses and Electrical Engineering in bachelor degree course. The department is responsible for education of fundamental subjects of the study programmes: Transmission and Distribution of Electricity, Electric Power Plants, Electric Power System Operation, Electric Installation and Overhead Lines, Diagnostics of Electrical Power Engineering Equipments, Unconventional Power Sources, Electro Heat and Lighting Engineering.  Graduates of Electric Power Engineering study branch will be able to solve operational and technical problems in the area of electric power generation, transmission and distribution of electric power.

The department staff has worked on several national and international grant projects, focused on Control of Electric power system of Slovak Republic and electricity market in conditions of European Union, Utilization of artificial intelligence elements for electric power engineering control processes, Electrical relays and electric power system stability, Solving of overhead power lines mechanics in three dimensional space, Illumination of spaces and lighting sources, Solar devices with optimal efficiency, solar system properties, Diagnostics of electric power equipments. High-quality results of science and research activities of the department staff are confirmed by the wide cooperation with the electric power companies (SEPS, VSE, Siemens, ABB, etc.).

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