Faculty of Electrical Engineering
and Informatics

Department of electrical, mechatronic and industrial engineering

The Department was established from the previous units: from Department of Electrical Drives and Mechatronics and from Laboratory of Industrial Engineering. The both units fused into the Department of Electrical, Mechatronic and Industrial Engineering. Currently it has 3 professors, 11 associate professors, 8 assistant professors, 5 scientific workers and 7 internal PhD students. There are 3 sections within the Department: Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering.
The Department is responsible for education and research in electrical engineering, in fields of power and industrial electronics, electrical machines and apparatuses, electromechanical systems, esp. in controlled electrical drives, industrial and automotive mechatronic systems and in the area of effective production planning and control, quality management, and continuous improvement of products and services. The Department offers both types of undergraduate courses (master and bachelor courses) as well as the Ph.D. postgraduate course in Electrical Engineering.
The main research topics at the Department are modern methods of electrical drives control, intelligent control of mechatronic systems, efficient utilization of renewable energy sources using modern power electronics converters and design of special electrical machines and apparatus. The Department is involved in a number of research and educational projects. The following types of projects were under way in 2007: 4 grants awarded by Science Grant Agency, 2 grants awarded by Cultural and Educational Grant Agency, 4 APVV projects, 3 Socrates projects, 1 bilateral Slovak-Czech project, 1 Leonardo da Vinci project and 1 grant awarded by European Social Fund.
The Department co-operates with many industrial enterprises in Slovakia having joint project at modernising of the electrical drive systems, control and mechatronic applications, design and testing of electrical apparatus and effective production planning and control (U.S.STEEL Košice, SIEMENS, BSH Michalovce, Kybernetika Košice, SEZ Krompachy, Slovak Union for Quality, STAPRO Ltd. Košice, ...).

Department laboratories are equiped with modern converters for controlled electrical drives (Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric), Programmable Logic Controllers (Siemens, B@R, Allen Bradley, Schneider Electric, Omron), tools for Hardware in the Loop simulations (Matlab, dSpace DS1102 , RT-Lab), and software tools (Matlab, CosmosEMS, CarSim and CarSimRT, ARIS, Cognos 8, Arena, PS-8 project management sw, PV4, ...).

WWW page: kem.fei.tuke.sk/en

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