Faculty of Electrical Engineering
and Informatics

Department of Electronics and Multimedia Communications

The Department of Electronics and Multimedia Communications was founded in 1969. The original name of department was Department of Electronics. The Department is responsible for bachelor’s degree course: Automotive electronics, Electronics, Telecommunications; master’s degree course: Infoelectronics, Telecommunications; and doctoral degree courses: Infoelectronics, Telecommunications, and Measurement Techniques.
The subjects in the degree course are orientated to the linear and non-linear analog circuits, automotive electronics and diagnostic of cars, digital electronics, microwave technology, optoelectronics, signal and systems, acoustics, digital signal processing, digital filtering, signal processors and microcontrollers, radioelectronic measurements, television systems, signal recording, digital communication and digital transmission systems, optoelectronic communication systems, photonics, sensor systems, multimedia communication systems, mobile and satellite communication systems, digital image communication systems and medical electronics.
The graduates can work as designers of electronic and telecommunication systems, as qualified specialists for projection, installation and operation of electronic, automotive electronic and telecommunication systems, as well as for marketing and management in the field of electronics, telecommunications and telecommunication services. The basic research activities of Department are concentrated on digital image and speech processing, multimedia communications, digital filtering, optoelectronics and optical communication, implementation on neural network in digital signal processing, DSP of UWB Radar Signals and A/D convertors modelling.

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