Faculty of Electrical Engineering
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Department of Physics

Since the foundation of the Department of Physics (1952), the scientific activities of the department have been predominantly oriented to the study of magnetic properties of materials by radiospectroscopic and static magnetic methods. At present, the research is focused on the study of magnetic properties of ferromagnetic microwires and on the study of non-metallic materials using techniques of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and some other complementary methods.

The research sections of the department:

Section of Physics of Non-Metallic Materials
Section of Physics of Magnetic Materials
Section of Physics of Macromolecular systems

Within the project in the framework of the state programme of research and development the Solid State NMR Laboratory was established at the Department of Physics. The laboratory is a part of the Slovak National NMR Centre. Within the project "Centre of Excellence for Integrated Research & Exploitation of Advanced Materials and Technologies in Automotive Electronics" the Laboratory for modification and testing of properties of advanced materials was established at the department. The laboratory is equipped with apparatus for the study of thermal and mechanical properties of materials and a desk top electron microscope for the study of surface structure of materials.

The Department of Physics provides courses in bachelor, engineer and PhD study programmes Physical Engineering of Advanced Materials. The graduates of this programme will acquire knowledge on the structure and physical properties of materials with emphasis on advanced materials. The graduates can find positions in industry, in research and development institutes, and in testing, diagnostics and environmental centres.

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