Faculty of Electrical Engineering
and Informatics

Departement of Theoretical and Industrial Electrical Engineering

The department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering and Electrical Measurement was established in 1969 from the nucleus cell of all Electrical engineering faculty represented by the department of Electrical Engineering headed by Ing. František Poliak.

The department offers bachelor’s degree study programm Industrial Electrical Engineering, which is oriented on the fields of industrial CAD and CAM systems, modern management methods, measurement systems and applied control and information technologies. The basic proposed courses for all three levels of the university study are Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, Electrotechnics, Applied Electrotechnics, Electromagnetic Field Theory, Electrical Measurement, Automated Measuring Systems, Metrology and Industrial Measurement, Modeling and Measurement, Automation of Technological Processes.     Courses are available on full-time basis. One semester normally lasts 13 weeks and includes between 22 and 26 contact hours per week. The last semester is devoted to the independent work on final project done either at the faculty either in praxis. The learning activities cover traditional lectures, laboratory work, and seminars. Assessment methods vary from course to course and they consist of assignments, case studies, and examinations.
The graduates can work as qualified experts for design, installation and operation of all electrical engineering systems as well as experts in marketing and management of industrial production systems, networks and services.

Research and projects
The department research activities are realized in the form of solving of scientific projects, which actually cover the following areas:

  • Study of the electrical, magnetic and structural properties of lanthanides and their thin films at low temperatures and in magnetic fields.
  • Electromagnetic field analysis of the electrotechnical products from the point of view of its electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Research and development of pressure force elasto-magnetic sensors and related measuring equipment.
  • Problems of risk factors of neurodegeneration: morphological and functional study of alcohol and electromagnetic radiation effects in the rats.
  • Modern virtual, intelligent and automated measuring and control systems.

In year 2008 the department is solving 7 scientific projects.

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