Minister of Economy educating specialists

Slovak republic Minister of Economy and member of the FEI TU in Kosice Scientific Board Mr. Jahnatek challenged educating technical specialists for the practice

Košice (TASR: state Press Agency) - The Slovak republic Minister of Economy, Mr. Lubomir Jahnatek, yesterday visited academic high officials of the Kosice Technical University (TU) with the appeal to focus education of the specialists for practice. After years of partial depression, as he related, it is now obvious that education of technical intelligentsia is for any country striving to make it in the competitive world presents a key issue. "I see it a must to centre upon quality of the pedagogical process, and, at a time, to get as many as possible university teachers involved in resolving current tasks of economical nature along the scope of their diversity," noted Mr. Jahnátek.
The Minister attended the meeting of the TU Faculty of Electrical engineering and Informatics' Scientific Board that was presided by newly inaugurated Dean Mr Liberios Vokorokos and that was, beside other issues, approving also study plans.
Mr. Jahnátek called also on the TU Chancellor Mr. Jurajom Sinay. The Chancellor informed him that the TU is comprised of nine faculties and educates some 12000 regular students plus roughly 700 doctorands, that it employs almost 900 pedagogues and an identical number of technical and economical support personnel. The University covers a wide range of the need for education not only for the eastern Slovakia region but in many branches it presents a sole centre of science, research and education not only in Slovakia but in the mid-European space too. It closely cooperates with other universities and with the region and entire Slovakia's industrial background. "We'll be only too happy to collaborate with the Ministry of Economy and other state or private institutions as well. The systems does not have to be perfect but if the goals come harmonised results will come about for sure," remarked Mr. Jahnatek as to his visiting the TU.
Minister of Economy takes it that as scientific so pedagogical personalities have the chance and should take it for their obligation to directly participate on looking for solutions that challenge the Slovak economy mainly in the field of power engineering, recoverable energy resources, nano-technologies, in controlling the electrification system operation, in utilisation of the Slovak geothermal resources and in new approaches to secure the Slovak republic energy security.
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Finding experts in informatics

The companies are mostly clicking to find experts in informatics
Companies that are scouting new employees over the net are uttermost interested in happening on CVs of experts in informatics and of the technical school graduates.

Significant agreements enhancing cooperation

  • Two significant agreements enhancing cooperation of the TU in Košice and the Practice.
    1. Agreement on general partnership concluded by and between Technical University in Kosice via its Faculty of Electrical engineering and Informatics and T-Systems Slovakia LLC Company.
    2. Agreement on cooperation at realising the T-System Slovakia IT-Academy project with participation of the Faculty of Electrical engineering and Informatics

University visited by Minister of Economy

Our University was visited by the SR Minister of Economy Mr. Ľubomír Jahnátek.

On the grounds of the University he was welcomed by Chancellor Mr. Anton Čižmár, who at a time introduced his lecture themed "Bases of the SR energy safety ensuring strategy". In his speech the Minister briefly presented the current status, contemporary issues and intents pertaining to energy safety of Slovakia. The field is to a significant degree being covered by the Faculty of Electrical engineering and Informatics.

General partner of the Faculty

Tepláreň (Heating Plant) Košice JSC became general partner of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics of the Technical University in Košice

Instabus laboratory

Donation of the Siemens Slovakia Company - Instabus laboratory

To control designing systems of the so-called intelligent buildings (appliances and equipment of which are fully automated and distance controllable even through the IT) is now possible for the TU in Kosice undergraduates through the new laboratory that was turned over to the University by Siemens Slovakia representatives.
The Instabus laboratory and the HV switch are valued to over 20 000 EUR, and were installed on the premises of the Faculty of Electrical engineering and Informatics (FEI) - Department of Power Engineering, which is the largest department of the kind in Slovakia and which as the only one has the branch accredited also for the Bachelor's study program.
TU in Kosice is persistently and systematically building good relations with a raft of partners from the practice, based primarily upon cooperation in solving their technical and organisational problems, reported for TASR the university chancellor Mr. Anton Čižmár. This is the way taken also by the FEI Department of Power Engineering. He particularised that the Department is striving to cooperate with companies producing and distributing electric energy or producers of technological devices utilised in production and distribution of electricity.
"One of the most recent contribution to the mutually advantageous cooperation is, beginning this day, also the Instabus laboratory and HV switch. The laboratory was born based on cooperation of the Department and Siemens. The students will be able to sweat through their theses if pertaining to the field of intelligent buildings, at controlling such buildings, though they will be able to master also alike activities in offices, businesses and other institutions" commented the Chancellor.
According to the Siemens Slovkia Director general Mr. Peter Kollarik the laboratory is just a contribution of their company to development of the sciential economy and the SR community and to enhancement of quality and attractiveness of the technical branches study.
It is years that Siemens cooperates with the TU. The Company launched its business activities in 1995 in Kosice with just several employees. Today, it is employing in the multitude of its departments some 270 people, majority of whom are TU graduates, and is intent on employing further graduates, added Mr. Kollarik.
Present on the new laboratory premises is also a lecturing centre capable of seating 50 people; the lab and its centre is equipped with fully functional intelligent Siemens Instabus EIB system, enabling to program and control a multitude of elements and appliances from darkening to the possibility to control heating and many other parameters and technical units utilising electricity in the so-called intelligent building. In another room is the system installed on an element-by-element basis along with numerous appliances such as various size illumination bodies, fans, darkening elements, heating controls and so forth.

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