Research at FEI


The scientific research activity at FEI TUKE covers a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines, which are divided to two main groups:

  • Informatics Sciences and Computer Networks, Cybernetics and Intelligent Systems,
  • Electrical and Electric Power Engineering, Electronics.

FEI TUKE has gained its excellent reputation above through achievements in engineering and the natural sciences in the information and telecommunications systems and technology, electronics and electrical engineering and its applications, automated systems and methods of management, the power engineering and physical engineering of progressive materials.

The excellence of the research at FEI TUKE is underlined by the positively evaluated projects and Current content publications. In addition, FEI TUKE continuously proves its research competences in numerous other outside-funded research projects initiated by the private sector.

The essential basis for future-oriented teaching lies in innovative research. The research done at FEI TUKE can be characterised by:

  • high quality,
  • interdisciplinarity,
  • internationality,
  • a close relationship between basic and application-oriented research,
  • focused research areas.
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