Faculty of Electrical Engineering
and Informatics



Our university is in very pleasant situation of belong able to accommodate all foreign students in dormitories. The students have booked accommodation at the Student Hall of Residence at JedlĂ­kova street. We book you the accommodation if your application is submitted at the term mentioned above. Every student has a furnished room with access to the kitchen, bathroom and recreational space. There are no telephones in the dormitory moms, however public phones are in dormitory halls or nearby. Guest students are requested to observe the house rules strictly and to show some courtesy towards their fellow-students.

The average rate for twin-beded furnished room is 50 EUR/month - included blankets and sheets. The student canteen serves breakfast, lunch and diner the whole week. There are several bistros and bufets, which serve food and refreshment at cheap prices in the area of university campus. Students staying at the Hall of Residence are registered at Police for foreigners, so pay attention to visa requirement mentioned above.

Actual tuition fee for the two-semesters school year is given at http://www.fei.tuke.sk/en/studium/dokumenty/fees.rtf. These fees include the general service and student activity. In case of larger group of students some discounts could be offered. Students are obliged to pay the tuition fee to the Faculty.

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