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Applications are welcome from students from abroad. The faculty accepts the students from abroad for all types of courses.
For the international students there are two possibilities to study at the faculty: either they will cover expenses by themselves or they can apply for scholarship. The university do not provides/offers scholarships for foreign students.

Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic provides/offers for foreign students these types of scholarships:

  • Scholarships of the Government of the Slovak Republic
  • Ministry of Education Scholarships
  • Bilateral Programmes
  • National Scholarship Programme
  • Scholarships offered within the framework of bilateral programs of cooperation

Applied informatic is study program offered in English language for Bc./MSc degree All Study program for PhD. degree are offered in English language.
Another possibility is to study Slovak language during one preparatory year (full-time two-semester study) and then to enrol a course (Study program) in Slovak language. This one period is considered to be satisfactory.
Types of study

The studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics are performed at 3 levels:

  1. the bachelor degree study programme
  2. the engineer (Master) degree study programme
  3. the doctorate degree study programme

Responsible person for foreign applicants: Vice-Dean for the Faculty promotion and International Relationships - Ing. Mária Gamcová, PhD.

Contact person for foreign applicants: Ing. Katarína Tomková - vice-dean´s office.

Full Time Study

Basic Information.
Applications are very welcome from students from other countries. The Faculty accepts the students from abroad for all types of courses.

Entry Requirements.
Applicants from foreign countries will be admitted without any examination on the basis of credentials certifying completion of preparatory studies:

  • The requirement for the BSc. degree courses is a High School/Secondary School graduation certificate, and sufficient English
  • The requirement for the Ing. degree courses is the BSc. graduation certificate, and sufficient English
  • The requirement for the PhD. courses is the Ing. graduation certificate (appropriate specialization), and sufficient English

How to Apply.
International students applying for admission (whether straight from high school, transfer from another higher education institution, or re-entrance after a period of time out of school) should contact Dean's Office (the address is in beginning of this book - in the chapter "Contact") and require an Application From. The following documents should be sent to the Dean's Office:

  • Letter of inquiry explaining educational history (a brief Curriculum vitae)
  • Filled-in Application Form:
  • A certificate about completed education
  • Recommendation Letter (from the previous school or workplace, etc.)
  • Medical certificate

Information on visa procedure in Slovakia:


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